Strategic Partnerships

To ensure that your water treatment program continues to operate at peak efficiency, your Jamestown Service Engineer is also supported by an experienced corporate technical staff and analytical laboratory. In a long-term strategic partnership, Jamestown also retains the services of select and highly respected independent analytical, mechanical, metallurgical, and consulting engineers to help us quickly and properly resolve any problems that are outside of our area of immediate expertise. The use of these independent consulting services enables Jamestown to provide our customers the best possible scientific results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Most importantly, however, these results are generated by independent and certified organizations, so they are free of any potential corporate conflicts.

A partial listing of Jamestown’s corporate affilitions follows:

Baron Consulting Company (BCC) of Milford, CT

BCC is a Connecticut-certified analytical laboratory specializing in the design and operation of sophisticated water, deposit, and microbiological studies. Jamestown uses BCC to supplement the routine analytical studies done by our field service representatives.

ATLAS Evaluation & Inspection Services (AEIS) of Rahway, NJ

AEIS is a New Jersey-certified metallurgical laboratory specializing in the testing, inspection, and failure analysis of components used in numerous water handling systems. AEIS provides Jamestown with independent analysis of all of our corrosion coupon and pipe spool studies.

Landmark Facilities Group (LFG) of Norwalk, CT

LFG is a professional engineering and consulting company specializing in the design of HVAC systems in large commercial buildings and manufacturing operations. LFG provides Jamestown with consulting services on the design, installation, and operation of our customers HVAC system, and highlights potential mechanical flaws that could eventually lead to corrosion, deposit, and microbiological control problems.