Solid Solutions® “Green” Water Treatments

A series of advanced, SOLID water treatment products designed to replace existing cooling, closed-loop and boiler liquid treatment programs.

The Solid Solutions™ product line consists of a complete series of environmentally-responsible corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and microbiocides that can be used in most cooling, boiler, and closed-loop recirculating water systems. Packaged in gallon-sized, HDPE-2 plastic containers, with 4 containers in each fiberboard shipping carton. Each carton (approx. 50 pounds) generates about one 30 to 55 gallon conventional drum’s worth of active water treatment solution.

  • Safe, convenient, easy-to-handle, gallon-sized product containers
  • Solid products that are fully soluble with plain, room temperature tap water
  • Easier and safer product handling with reduced labor input
  • Simple and reliable wall mounted panel that accurately controls product dilution
  • Significantly reduced shipping and handling charges
  • Elimination of drum handling and disposal concerns
  • Cleaner and safer chemical feed stations and work areas
  • Improved system operating efficiencies and reduced energy use and water consumption
  • Qualification for LEED credits and improved environmental footprint
  • Reduced storage space requirements
  • Overall operating costs similar to traditional liquid-based programs

The Solid Solutions treatment program operates with your existing system controllers and metering pumps, so the installation is quick and economical. To activate the program, an individual plastic bottle containing the solid product is placed into a wall-mounted dilution panel that accepts water from a standard, room temperature tap water source. The proprietary composition of the Solid Solutions product allows the tap water to easily dissolve the product into a ready-to-use liquid. The concentrated liquid solution then simply empties into an integrated reservoir that is contained within the dissolution panel. Once in the reservoir, the concentrated water treatment liquid is then added to the desired system via existing system controllers and metering pumps.

SOLID SOLUTIONS products help qualify facilities for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification (Silver, Gold or Platinum Ratings) based on points from a U.S. accreditation organization. These types of environmental and energy incentives are also supported by the U.S. Green Building Council (

Boiler Water Treatment Programs Include:

  • Volatile oxygen scavengers
  • Calcium scale inhibitors
  • Anti-foam agents
  • Iron dispersants
  • Single drum treatments
  • Steamline treatments

Treatment Benefits Include:

  • Prolonged equipment life
  • Reduced utility costs
  • USDA / FDA-approved treatments
  • Lower maintenance expenses
  • Reduced manpower input


Jamestown Technologies is proud to introduce TanninTech® which provides a green chemistry water treatment option for steam boilers and heating closed loops.

Tannin is a green chemistry that results in energy savings, and the reduction of water usage, green house gases, and maintenance fees.

It is easy to convert your system to Tannin and requires no investment. the TanninTech® products are natural and biodegradable.