Solution Mining Operations

Sulfate Inhibitors for Chlor-Alkali and Evaporated Salt Production

For over 30 years, Jamestown has been a leader in the development and marketing of sulfate inhibitors. These all-organic SSI™ products inhibit the solubility of calcium sulfate (anhydrite), a primary impurity in many salt formations. Our products are used in both solution mining and rock salt dissolver applications, worldwide.

Two products are currently available: SSI-200 for chlor-alkali producers; SSI-200FG for food grade salt producers. Introduced in 1985 as an upgrade to our original SSI, the SSI-200 formulation is recognized as the most cost-effective sulfate inhibitor ever developed. In addition, Jamestown offers on-site service and unique brine laboratory methods to help you establish their use and evaluate chemical activity on a routine basis.

Jamestown’s SSI-200 Sulfate Inhibitors Save Money and Improve Brine Quality

SSI-200 sulfate inhibitors are designed for ease of use and safety at low dosages. Our sulfate inhibitors can significantly reduce the amount of calcium sulfate (anhydrite) that dissolves in brine. They are designed to remain insoluble with the inhibited sulfate crystals, and not in the brine. Applications include solution mining and rock salt dissolvers.

SSI products inhibit the solubility of anhydrite, reducing the amount of calcium sulfate that must be removed in brine treating equipment. This allows proportionate reductions in the amount of brine treatment chemicals, creating less hazardous waste to remove and dispose of. Sulfate purge rates are also less, saving salt and operating costs.

Chlorine cells operate most efficiently and trouble free when fed pure brine, largely free of soluble sulfates and contaminants. SSI-200 inhibits the solubility of calcium sulfate to keep it from initially dissolving in the brine, greatly improving raw brine quality and treating processes. In solution mining applications the combined inhibitor / anhydrite crystals remain behind at the bottom of the brine well as detritus. SSI-200FG offers similar benefits to the operators of brine evaporators for food salt production. Sorry! Not used with solar salt.

Metal finishers, utilities, electronic component and semiconductor fabricators, refineries, chemical manufacturers, food processors, automotive, aerospace and transportation industries . . . and most importantly, the environment, all benefit from Jamestown’s expertise. Formulated to maximize system performance to ensure compliance with legislated discharge limits.