Friday, September 11th, 2015, 7:07 am

Benefits of a solid solution green water treatment system


Wastewater treatment and management have become hot-button issues in every facet of building, zoning and LEED certification. Having the ability to treat wastewater in a closed system makes recirculation more efficient, saves water and energy and reduces contaminant loads in public sewers and watersheds. Until recently, a single-stage, integrated solution for internal wastewater simply did not exist, necessitating costly retrofits to existing systems to bring them into compliance.

A Solid Solutions(R) Green Water Treatment system reduces or eliminates the need for multistage wastewater treatment, reducing cost and amplifying the efficiency of both existing and custom-build water management designs. This single-stage, multichemical system is designed to integrated into virtually any system with the simple addition of a dilution panel and reservoir between a normal tap water influent line and the metering pump. The influent line interacts with the solid chemical in the reservoir to release a concentrated water purifying mixture into the system for treatment and recirculation.

The system is designed to integrate with most cooling, boiler and closed-loop recirculating water applications quickly and easily, minimizing downtime and maximizing system efficiency. Some of the benefits of this system are:

  • It is designed for simple, fast installation and implementation.
  • No chemicals to mix or handle. Simply load a one-gallon, 50lb container into the dilution panel and walk away. Handling an empty container is as easy as pull and replace.
  • Each gallon of dry Solid Solutions(R) Green Water Treatment yields 30-55 gallons of treatment, meaning no need to store or dispose of bulky drums or risk potential injury hazards from moving or mixing contents of the drums. This also increases storage area for other necessary parts and equipment, reducing congestion and work area hazards.
  • The dry chemical is a multi-stage, environmentally intelligent treatment including microbiocides, corrosion inhibitors and dispersal agents to increase closed-system treatment efficiency.
  • Each carton is packaged in HDPE-2 recyclable plastic and fiberboard for easy recycling.
  • This product qualifies for LEED credits and helps attain or increase existing LEED certifications up to platinum level, depending on other aspects of the system.
  • The operational cost of this system is comparable to traditional drum-based liquid treatments, but requires far less personnel time and oversight, freeing employee time for other tasks and reducing chances of injury.
  • Solid Solutions(R) Green Water Treatment is designed to be easily soluble with nothing more than room-temperature tap water, taking the guesswork and hassle out of recirculating water treatment. This translates to large savings in labor costs and compromised storage space, freeing essential personnel and storage for more critical tasks. The efficiency and labor savings alone over the system’s lifespan would make this solid treatment an excellent leading treatment candidate, but adding the benefits of more effective results with a lower chemical load makes Solid Solutions(R) Green Water Treatment well worth examining more closely for nearly any closed-loop recirculating water system. Finally, the LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum certifications to which this system can enhance existing internal wastewater treatment make this a safe, sustainable choice for your treatment applications.